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"Half the challenge is finding what you LOVE, the other half is paying for it, at Bird's Nest Furniture we have both halves (beautifully) covered!"

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The Bird's Nest Experience is about our unrelenting fastidious focus on the (un)common and the (extra)ordinary

We look forward to meeting and showing you the Bird's Nest Difference. We're campaigning to abandon the bland one converted creative spirit at a time
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Bird's Nest Furniture, Unique. Home. Decor. specializes in intriguing, engaging, matchless unique home furnishings and breathtaking trendy elements that transcend the redundant cookie-cutter limiting curse of ordinary decor so you can
"Abandon the bland - From our Nest... to yours."

A Bird's Eye View: an eclectic exquisite array of new pieces we've hand-selected from the most accomplished and acclaimed dramatic decor designers the world over. Our global BNF network of manufacturers produce superlative exclamations of style based on our vision and direction, so each piece and collection is unique - an inimitable celebration of character that will dazzle you with stunning spirit and value beyond compare

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Just below, you'll have a bird's eye view of our SLIDE SHOW which merely offers a spoon-full of sugar by comparison to the real-life experience within our fully-staged, sublimely sprawling showrooms (If pictures are worth a thousand words, then we'll have to get back to you on the mathematical figures of actually visiting our BNF Design-HQ & Studio)

Now, prepare yourself
as you glance below fellow Nester, and behold the handsomely rugged and raw natural appeal of ravishing relics and vintage industrial furnishings crafted from sustainable exotic woods intermingled with other design elements radiating pure unadulterated beauty...
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Alas, the internet and smart-phone apps just aren't enough - are they (sigh)? Well friend, once you've HAD ENOUGH of the terrible tease and digital overtures of the Bird's Nest Experience lingering in your mind, you'll have to come see us, we'd LOVE to have you as our personal guest. So, here are directions to the BNF's Design-HQ and Showroom Studios:

does Bird's Nest Furniture sell?

We provide an eclectic assortment of earthy, quirky, and trendy furnishings, case goods, and accent pieces that cover the entire design-gauntlet from your ceilings to your floors

  • Amazing armoires, sofa tables and sideboards, towering bookshelves and buffets, HDTV media consoles, and dining decor all formed from resilient, raw, and sustainable exotic woods (acacia, teak, mango, sheesham) magnificently married with solid, industrial wrought iron and scrap recycled metals

  • Our bench-made American crafted custom-casual line of sofas/sectionals/swivel-chairs/ottomans/love-seats/and chaises are all slip-covered for easy care around our Design-HQ & Staged Studio Showrooms. Relax... it's slip-covered! Design the exact shape to fit your nest, with hundreds of fabric choices to make your heart flutter and ensuring your nest is you-nique. Includes free accent pillows and the ability to add contrast-welting to both pillows and cushions (work in tandem with one of our in-house Design Consultants, or 'fly' solo and go with whatever inspires your spirit of creativity)

  • Look up, and you'll be enchanted by our replete collection of lovely Lighting Fixtures from elegantly dangling pendants, to full-fledged chandeliers adorned with crystals for a more refined look, or rustic iron construction to reproduce and compliment an old-world design scheme. Our selection even expands to include both desk and floor lamps... rest assured, you'll be glowing and beaming while perusing our shimmering collection of lighting

  • From the ceiling to the walls, Bird's Nest Furniture has an expansive and appealing art array known as the Wall ARTicle Gallery Collection because it eclipses the usual confines of mere canvas, and includes literally everything to cure your plaguing symptoms of NWS (Naked Wall Syndrome)! Thick, chunky, hand-carved relic sconces and corbels, marvelous mirror-mirrors on the wall, and of course artist-originals, oil paintings, reproductions, and even specially-commissioned paintings JUST for Bird's Nest Furniture that are one-of-a-kind creations by local Ohio artists

  • Move your eyes further down while strolling through our showrooms, and you'll be dazzled and surprised by our resplendent floor-covering and rug offerings. Our rugs come in all shapes and sizes with unique character, materials, and designs that are a welcomed departure from the ordinary (that just happens to pair flawlessly with our endless assortment of wallpapers and coverings)

  • Lastly, Bird's Nest Furniture is "so much more than decor" with all scents-and-sizes of our exclusive candle collection that fills any room with a soothing and inviting aroma of tranquility. You'll see other eyebrow raising items as well, like our multitude of fashionable fashion featuring hand-crafted Tibetan jewelry, we  call The BNF Collection of Intriguing Jewelry featuring necklaces, earrings, and bracelets embellished with genuine semi-precious stones, sterling silver, crystal charms, and classy copper

  • The BNF Experience would be incomplete without mentioning the plush enveloping  bedding/blankets, pillows and bedroom furniture. Our bountiful bedroom collections feature hand-carved bedside tables, industrial dressers, magnificent mirrors and more; all custom crafted from the same exotic, solid, sustainable woods throughout BNF. We also offer slip-covered beds with urbane, appealing color-palette ensembles to harmonize with your nest's interior (another novel idea you won't see elsewhere, reinforcing our focused commitment to uniqueness)
Detailing The REclaimed Vision @BNF
A substantial portion of our collections come from hand-selected companies who expertly craft unique items refined and reborn to lustrous life from reclaimed materials (sourced through decommissioned railroads, barn siding, sheet metal, and other random breathtaking materials like upcycled bicycle parts). These parts gain character as they go through bold rebirth from their raw industrial roots emerging with new transformed life becoming beautifully intriguing design elements for your home.

This means our items are distinctive, quirky, and never cookie-cutter, offering originality in its purest undiluted form, making a statement within any room of your home... From our Nest to Yours!

Dear Guest and Fellow Nester
           Whether or not you call North Canton, Stark County, or Ohio YOUR Nest,
you will simply be agog with splendid surprise at Bird's Nest Furniture. We've invested oodles of research and the combined entirety of our efforts as a family business with unwavering resolve to uphold the ideals and vision of UNIQUENESS toward ensuring not a single beak remains (un)dropped after crossing the threshold whether you're in our Design-HQ/Studio Showrooms or online in our Virtual Showrooms. We've done all the migrating over miles and miles to uncover the intriguing peerless collections of Bird's Nest Furniture. Our prices are so affordable and fair, which is just the icing on the worm... BUT just in case you still want to comparison shop, we only have two words for you: Please do! It will only make you love us that much more, and send you soaring back to our showrooms.
Bird's Nest Furniture's Design-HQ & Showroom Studio is located at:
4718 Everhard Road NW Canton, OH 44718

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"Abandon the Bland at Bird's Nest Furniture"
Design-HQ & Studio Showrooms (330) 499.NEST (6378)

Be our Guest Mon-Fri 10am-7pm // Sat: 10am-5pm // Sunday: Resting our wings

Delivery available in Ohio (our Special Stork Service) and shipping available anywhere across the fruited plains from our BNF Virtual Showroom 
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